Frequently Asked Questions

What style of martial arts do you teach at Championship Martial Arts?

We teach a multi-style blend of the best and most highly effective and versatile martial arts systems. Our original base system is Karate, and we've built in Jiu-jitsu, Grappling and Israeli Combatives to create a safe and enjoyable learning system.

How old do you have to be to take martial arts lessons?

We start as young as 4 years old and we have people well into their 70's that are enjoying their training everyday.

How many Martial Arts classes can I take per week?

We recommend a minimum of 2 classes per week. However, you can come to as many classes a week as you wish in accordance to the schedule.

How much does it cost?

Currently our school offers a great starter program. Our focus is to teach self defense along with "life skills". We have a structure of respect, courtesy, and honesty built into Martial Arts. We've created an environment where children and adults develop the ability to listen, learn, and achieve. The classes combine the fun and excitement of martial arts training with weekly mental and thought provoking lessons designed to strengthen our students both mentally and physically.

We have several different programs to offer. CHAMPIONSHIP MARTIAL ARTS offers a great starter program. This program includes a 2 Semi - Private classes. 1 group class, and FREE uniform! If you or your child has ever thought about getting started in the lasting benefits of martial arts NOW IS THE TIME. Try our $14.95 trial special by signing up online or calling our location nearest you.

Do you have family rates?

Yes we do. If you wish to enroll additional family members we offer substantial savings. Please check with us to find out what will work best for your family.

Can I put my Martial Arts program on hold if I am sick, on vacation or on a business trip?

Your martial arts program can be put on hold if you are going to be out for more than 7 days. You can call, fax or bring in a request to hold the program. We will extend your membership for all missed classes.

How is your school different from other Martial Arts schools?

While most schools focus solely on kicking and punching, Championship Martial Arts also has a life skills curriculum. Of course, our students do develop exceptional skills in all areas of technique and self defense, but just as important, they develop important skills that they can put to use outside of the Karate School. Skills like: Self-Confidence, Self-Control, Positive Thinking, Listening Skills, Respect and Good Manners. They also learn the Ability to Focus Attention, have Perseverance and display Courage.

What about fitness?

Your child will be having so much fun in class they won't even notice the calories they are burning and muscle toning that is happening to their bodies. You will see increased energy and mental focus (great for school!) and they will feel more motivated and enthusiastic about all of their activities. Your child will improve their fitness and have loads of fun doing it.

"This karate experience has boosted Carly's self confidence and self esteem. This has made her a more mature, a more poised and a more confident person. She has learned that with commitment and sacrifice she can achieve a major goal. This will serve her well in life" Christopher A.

Can karate help my shy child?

Parents constantly tell us how their son or daughter is more confident in new situations and more outgoing in school and with their friends. As a matter of fact, one of the lessons a child learns is how to introduce themselves to other children and make new friends. This confidence spills over into schoolwork, sports and other activities.

"Liana has gained self confidence through karate. This gives her the platform to succeed in anything she sets her mind to. I see this in her school work, horseback riding and day to day interactions with people" Mrs. A. – Penfield

Okay, you've convinced me - how do I get my child started?

That's the easiest part! Our Introductory Course is designed to bring out the best in a child and give them their first experience in the fun and exciting world of martial arts. Just give us a call at anyone of our locations to set up their first class.

What about for Adults?

Our Adult Program will give you more than just fitness, weight loss and stress relief. You will have fun learning and mastering the moves of martial arts and come away with real knowledge on how to defend yourself in violent and dangerous situations. You'll discover a new side of you, one of inner strength and confidence, that has been waiting to get out.

What can the martial arts do for my family?

The martial arts helps with Endurance, Weight loss, Flexibility, Coordination, Self -Discipline, gaining a Positive Attitude, Stress Reduction, Improved Concentration and Improved Grades.

Who can benefit from the Martial Arts?

Men, Women and Children can benefit and enjoy this fun, healthy, and rewarding activity!

Are classes safe?

The average student to teacher ratio is only 10 to 1. Our curriculum has been specifically designed to accommodate ages 4 and up. This allows students to successfully learn and perform their moves necessary to excel and feel good about themselves. Our curriculum is challenging but never too difficult. Most of all, all the classes are highly supervised by our highly trained instructors.

Will my child learn to be aggressive?

Absolutely not! The martial arts is self-defense, not self-offense. They learn to respect the skills they develop while training at our school. We teach our students to act with confidence, maintain good self-control, and self-discipline in order to maintain the courtesy and integrity of our art.