Championship Martial Arts is not just another after-school activity. Basketball, soccer and baseball are all great activities for children, but Championship Martial Arts is personal development through a physical discipline. Our exciting, yet disciplined, classes focus a child's attention, thus improving his or her ability to learn. Learning builds a sense of accomplishment. With each new accomplishment a student's self-confidence grows and confidence is the first step in the empowerment of an individual's physical and mental abilities.

Once we begin to develop a student's self confidence we are then able to instill the values of respect, courtesy, honestly, perseverance and integrity that are the foundation of martial arts dating back thousands of years.

Furthermore, your child will develop perseverance, which is a non-quitting spirit to overcome life's obstacles. Instilling a non-quitting spirit helps a child over come challenges to succeed in the face of adversity and to be a goal setter and a goal getter.

These combined physical and character foundations that Championship Martial Arts develop helps children excel in their academic school studies, sports and social endeavors. It ensures that they will have the confidence in themselves and the character to make the right decisions when confronted with negative peer pressure. They will be leaders not followers.

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Fit Mind and Fit Body

Fast food, video games, and too much TV, combined with a decrease in exercise, have put today's children in an obesity epidemic! Currently 1 in every 3 children are considered over weight by the American Obesity Association and that figure is expect to grow to 1 out of every 2 children within the next few years. Most kids are less active than previous generations and spend too much time on the computer or playing video games. They barely even have a structured gym class in school. Combine the lack of activity with the ease of fast foods and the junk that kids can easily become addicted to, and it's easy to see why our nation is creating kids at risk.

At Championship Martial Arts, your child will be in the best shape of their young lives. We'll increase their flexibility, strengthen and tone their muscles and give them greater endurance, all while they are having fun and learning valuable life skills that will carry over to becoming successful adults. We develop healthy children with healthy minds so they have the energy and fitness to be leaders and success at life's challenges. Our instructors are experts at motivating kids and bringing out the best in them. We love to team up with families to instill a non-quitting spirit in kids and help them become Champions In Life.

No One Sits on the Bench at Championship Martial Arts

Martial Arts is not a team sport, the only person that you are competing with is "Yourself". Students come to us from age four to sixty four. Some students are in shape, while others are overweight. Some come for self defense, fitness and others for fun. Each person is treated equally, and is trained to the best of their own ability and potential. A student is never compared to anyone else. At Championship Martial Arts our instructors are there to guide, instruct, and motivate you to be the best that you can be.

What are YOU waiting for Parents? Getting your Child started IS Easy!

Physical and Mental Empowerment for your child is only one decision away! They don't have to be in shape and there is no prior experience necessary. For your child to experience the excitement and challenge of Championship Martial Arts, we invite you to come in and visit one of our studios nearest you and begin your child's, FREE Trial Introductory Martial Arts Course! You will have the opportunity to speak with the instructors and meet our friendly and professional staff. Through this free introductory course, you and your child will get a first hand understanding of the excitement, energy, empowerment, and life changing benefits of Championship Martial Arts!

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We invite you to see why people of all ages love our programs. We've created a series of 2-minute movies to show you what we do.

Girls 7 - 12 Video

GIRLS 7 - 12

Boys 11 - 12 Video

BOYS 7 - 12