Customer Testimonials

"CMA has given our rambunctious 8yr old a constructive outlet. He displays more self control and confidence since becoming a karate student. The instructors here are incredible with the kids and really know how to get on their level. The kids have tons of fun while learning forms as well as self-defense."

Jennifer Johnson Chambers

"WE LOVE CHAMPIONSHIP MARTIAL ARTS!! my son used to have a very hard time with focus, patience, respect, and responsibility. Ever since he started training he has shown a magnificent difference in all four areas, and then some... Although we have only been going to class for a few months. We can't wait for the months to come. The instructors at CMA Newnan are THE BEST! They always put the children's focus, respect, and behavior first before anything else. It's almost like having a whole second group of "parents" to teach them the good stuff when they don't want to listen to mom and dad."

Scott and Ashley Jacobs

"Love the instructors. My son just started and was having a rough time with the last class. Sensei was very patient with him, did not give up and did not let my son give up. Instead he turned it into a teachable moment. Love it here"

Kimberly Sargent-Minkler

"One of the best martial arts studio on the Southside of Atlanta. Great place for kids; teaches very valuable lessons on respect and self discipline. I highly recommend it!"

Renee McMichen DiModica

"As a 20 year US Army veteran with high standards, my son benefits on athletic, ethical, and behavioral levels from the instruction, mentorship, and professional conduct of above average teachers. I noticed the teachers work with the individual needs of each student helping them in their individual paths towards their goals. Their light hearted humor, same high standards, and constant motivation have changed my son, as he continues to contribute during Championship Martial Arts' Basket Brigade when families who are less fortunate are assisted through student's donations, and baskets of Thanksgiving groceries are hand assembled and delivered by them. Championship Martial Arts truly has a heart for their students, the community, and the Martial Arts. I highly recommend them!"

Nancy Davis